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Expression Session – School of Motion course

During the winter of 2020 I enrolled into a 3 month After Effects expression course by School of Motion called Expression Session.

I wanted to develop myself and expand my knowledge of After Effects by learning how to write code to drive my animations.

An exercise on creating the effect of atmospheric perspective using the linear() expression.
The position of the plane was the driver for the amount of blur and color change of the mountains in the distance.
No keyframes were used to animate this piece.

School of Motion provided beautiful designs for each exercise.
The exercises focused on a specific piece of code we learned about during a video lesson.

The main focus of this exercise was to animate the piece and make sure everything keeps working if the photo, texts and the rest of the content would change.
So we used code to calculate heights and distances to make it work.

Every student had a personal teaching assistant that guided us through the course. They gave in depth feedback and suggestions on how to improve.
This really motivated me to get the most out of the exercises.

We didn’t only learn how to animate using code.
This data visualisation graph shows data provided from an external JSON file.
I imported the data file into After Effects and programmed the graphical elements to represent the file data content accordingly for a clear overview.

At the end of the course I had to use all my newly acquired knowlegde to animate a fake user interface (FUI) of a fishing boat on the ocean. I never thought I would be able to do this before starting the course.

The final project of Expression Session.
Everything is animated by using only 6 animation keyframes and lots of code.

Not only did the course teach me how to use code to my advantage for complex animation, but it also taught me how to work more efficient and I didn’t expect that when I signed up.
I feel I can take on a whole new level of animation projects.

Client: School of Motion – Expression Session
Design: Carly Cerquone &
Animation & Code: Jochem Neerhof
Sound Design: Jochem Neerhof

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De Beren Academy – Beeldwerk Media

For Beeldwerk Media I animated this piece that was part of a project for a restaurant chain called “De Beren”. My job was to create an energetic animation that gets restaurant employees exicted for the new Academy app.

A design asset board, provided by Beeldwerk Media.

Beeldwerk Media provided design boards with assets that I could use in the animation. They also provided character designs and a voice-over text.

I used the voice-over text and design boards to create a story and animatic. After recording a rough voice-over myself and searching for some music that fit the concept, I could map out the timing and duration of the animation.

A design board focused on the overall style combined with a character design,
provided by Beeldwerk Media.

Thinking about how to lead the eye of the viewer to the right place on the screen is the next step I took. I want to make sure the viewer has the chance to focus on the most important part of the animation without being distracted or confused.

Some additional character designs, provided by Beeldwerk Media

The foundation of the animation now stands and what’s left is to add the freshly delivered professional voice-over and create some nice and smooth transitions and character movement.

Voice over and design –

Animation –

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Silence! – School of Motion Alumni Holiday Card Entry

A 3 second short created for the School of Motion alumni holiday card 2018.

Each participant was asked to create an animation for a word or phrase that fit the following sentence:
“I would travel here, I would travel there, I would travel anywhere just to have ______ this holiday season.”
We had to use a set color palette.

Design: Jochem Neerhof
Animation: Jochem Neerhof
Sound: Jochem Neerhof